Sunday, 12 February 2012


 Attention, attention everyone. Here's your lazy queen of blogging. Yes I've been neglecting my blog. But since Pure London is on, I got some first hand material to blog about, way better than just copy pasting other stuff right? 
So, what is Pure London? It is 3 days of UK trade fashion exhibitions presenting womenswear, footwear, accessories, unisex collections and ethical fashion at the Olympia Hall in West Kensington. The event is organised twice a year by the EMAP (East Midland Allied Press) and is the "home to big names, niche brands and launching collections"; there are over 1,100 brands presenting their high street collections in booths, catwalk shows and trend prediction seminars by representatives from WGSN.
I went there with my friends Anna from and Gentiana from and it was just so exhausting and hectic but it was worth it I suppose. We saw some inspiring catwalk shows and I totally grew fond of a Turkish fashion project which I'll blog about soonish!
TTFN, nikki.

"Successful Women in fashion"
Pamela Shiffer from Pamela Shiffer Boutique, Janet Thurston from the Janet Thurston and Mary Skinner Agency and Rita Britton from Pollyanna (from left to right) interviewed by the fashion writer Marino Donati.
WGSN speech

Thursday, 2 February 2012

C’est la Côte d’Azur, la Côte de saphir.

There's always a ray of hope.
In April I'm going on holidays for 5 days. With my parents. Haha. Yes, I know, stereotypically thinking, I might be too old to go on a vacation with mummy and daddy, but I mean 5 days Cannes, sun, goooood food, relaxing and so on for free. Wouldn't it be silly to not go with them? I just hope that the weather will be good otherwise, I'll die.
Who do I want to take with me to Cannes? Olivier Rousteing. The man who created the wonderful Balmain Spring Ready-To-Wear collection for 2012 and the even better cruise collection - black, blue, white, red and gold - what do we need more? If I could (afford it), I would. And yes I would not only take his clothes with me, but also himself. eye candy.
TTFN, nikki.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Another anticlimax of my laziness? A blog post about my cat? Maybe and yes.

I'm not a cat person. I'm a dog person. But I like cats too. I have a cat and I don't have a dog. But I'd love to have a dog. So yes talking about my fondness to contradiction once again.. Sorry for the confusion.. So, to be honest I really had no idea what to write about, a blog post about my PJ's? No. Since I'm back in Luxo, I'm just vegetating.. I'm sleeping like the sleeping beauty and when not sleeping I'm bored to hell because all my friends are either busy with school or are still abroad at uni and engaged with revising for their exams. Normally I'm just awake for a few hours in the evening. Haha. This sounds so pathetic. But I suppose I'm just retrieving the sleep that I've missed over the last weeks when sleep deprivation (because of uni) and also random insomnia were my best friends.
Another reason for me being very very nonproductive is that there's nothing to do! There's nothing to revise for uni (haha. as if i would..), I can't use my blackberry here because my plan has such stupid rates for data roaming, my macbook refuses to log into our home Internet network (I'm using my neighbour's network), it's fucking freezing outside, my friends are busy, ETC. And therefore, I am dedicating this post to my cat because she's so cool and playing with me (oh dear. did I just really write that?).
So whatever, here she is. Joséphine.
TTFN, nikki.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Et vive la liberté!

Fact is, I've survived my first semester at uni. Another fact is, that I haven't got my results yet, but who cares. And a further fact is, end of semester equals holidays! Okay it's just a week, but anyways I'm grateful for that one week of relaxing and of being home! YES, I'm back in Luxembourg since this morning and I'm so happy to be home to see my family and friends and being pampered by my mum :) who doesn't love that, right? Even if I haven't been away from home that long, actually it's less than a month, I feel like I haven't been here in ages. The christmas holidays were so stressful, hectic and short that I wasn't able to unwind..And then, the exam stress, finishing millions of report etc. All this just makes me even more glad to be home.
So yes. This was now my ode to Luxembourg and home haha.
Anyways, so this morning just when I left to catch a taxi to the airport, a friendly DHL man was standing outside my flat with a package. A package from net-à-porter. Yeaahy. My Karl T-shirt has a arrived in a looooovely box with bow. Just another late birthday gift from nikki to nikki. In my opinion it's never too late for a birthday gift and you can never have enough Karl stuff tihi:) 
TTFN, nikki.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Elie Saab, créateur de rêves.

So, here it is. My last post about the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. And it's all about Elie Saab and a bit about Jean Paul Gaultier. Actually I don't know much to say about Saab's collection. It's as wonderful as always and there's nothing I could nag about. Except maybe the pastels..maybe it was just a bit too much. Or it's just my dislike of baby blue and pink in connection with lace and flowers. Nevertheless, I'm definitely gonna get married in Elie Saab. Or maybe Gaultier? We'll see..
TTFN, nikki